Elain Elizabeth Hazle


There is a Guestbook so that friends and well wishers from around the world can offer condolences, etc.

Finally, I have written a special edition of The Hazle Journal in honor of Elain.

Hazle Journal for Elain
(Preview Version. Final to be uploaded 9/13/04)


April 2nd 1974 - August 8th 2004

Last Updated 9/1/04

This site is to honor the memory our dearly beloved sister and daughter,
Elain Hazle. We still cannot believe that she is gone from us.

Elain was the heart and soul of our family. She was a world traveler, a gourmet cook
a fashion lover, a photographer, an avid reader, a computer expert, a lover of the arts,
a loving daughter, a loyal sister, an amazing friend and most of all, a dedicated servant of Jehovah.

Every day she is in our thoughts.

Here is a link for the program for her funeral

( It is in PDF Format )

Elain loved to take pictures and this site will be filled with pictures of and by Elain.
The site will get updated as needed, so please feel free to let me know of any errors
that you see.

wayne$hazle5@aol.com (Trying to avoid SPAM. Just remove the $)


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